uOpen Review

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I have had many issues with this company called uOpen and every time something they promised over and over again didn’t happen they become worse in my eyes.

Below is my review, which I left on a few sites. I have edited it a bit.

uOpen Review

Another month started and again I am charged by uOpen for a cancelled subscription box.

The idea is great. Buying a subscription box with items you like. A gift to yourself every month.
But when there is no response to complaints etc. it becomes a scam.

uOpen is a terrible company. When you have an issue (not receiving a box etc.) and report this, you are lucky to get an answer within weeks. When you get an answer! Most of the time you won’t.

Boxes were not sent. The seller didn’t react. Nor did the helpdesk from uOpen.
Finally, after many issues, 2 months ago my last subscription was cancelled. At least that is what I was told. It wasn’t/ I was charged the price of the box.

Excuses came, which I didn’t accept. The only thing that’ll help now is changed behaviour.

Update May 1, 2023

And guess what?! Today, May 1, 2023, they tried to charge my debit card again.
This company should be stopped and fined. Immediately!

Tip for consumers:
I waited 28 days for a reply to my email And the answer was that I needed to wait another 14 days before my request could be solved. Sorry, when a company only replies after almost 1 month (the first time they didn’t even dignify to answer) and then asks to wait another 14 days, they prove immediately that they don’t care about their customers.

uOpen, you are a lying scamming company. And as said above you should be stopped. Immediately!