Face Yoga

The Face Sessions we give are according to the Teacher Education from Worlds best known Face Yoga Teacher, Danielle Collins. Also called Face Yoga Expert.

Since almost the beginning of 2022, I have done my own research about Face Yoga. First I wanted to find out if it really helps. I tried many different (free) classes. And also a few paid classes and keep coming back to Danielle Collins.

Mainly because her method helped me. It still does. And secondly, when she offers something for free it isn’t a 15-minute free program and then 45-60 minutes trying to sell you other items. On the contrary. Her free programs are packed, stocked, and full of exercises, information etc. etc.

I once had a login issue with one of her paid programs and that was solved in a timely manner and correct.

Furthermore, I also think that her paid classes/lessons are fairly priced.

Next to Danielle her classes/webinars etc. I followed a few from another well-known Face Yoga Teacher. For me, this was a huge failure. As all help came from within a Facebook group (I don’t have FB and will not open an account), which wasn’t mentioned when signing up.

Due to this, I had to buy a pdf file to follow the classes correctly. I was sent the wrong file. No excuses, nothing.

Therefore there is only one real Face Yoga Expert who I want to follow and teach her learnings and that is Danielle Collins.

What Face Yoga can do For You

Face Yoga can, when you do it about 6 times a week, 20 minutes daily, reduce lines and puffiness. Ease a turtle neck. Smooth wrinkles, firm your skin and much more.
A facelift without an operation.

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Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay