Face Yoga Teacher

Face Yoga Sessions.

I am a Certified and Experienced Face Yoga Teacher. I am Certified according to the Danielle Collins, Face Yoga Expert Method.
Danielle Collins is the World-Leading Face Yoga Expert who developed this method almost 20 years ago.

Face Yoga Benefits:
Face Yoga is a wonderful holistic way to add to your overall well-being.
It helps to tone the skin and reduce wrinkles and puffiness.
It makes you feel great!

Face Yoga can when you do it about 6 times a week, 20 minutes daily, reduce lines and puffiness.
Ease a turtle neck. Smooth wrinkles, firm your skin and much more.
A facelift without an operation.

Certified Face Yoga Teached according to the "Danielle Collins Method".

We offer Face Yoga Workshops (Online only) and Individual and Group Classes.
You can choose if you want to have an Individual or Group Class.

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