About Me

About Me

What is there more to tell about me? Well, I have been doing my own research about Face Yoga since the end of 2021/the beginning of 2022.

And, after following classes from several renowned Face Yoga Teachers (and some less famous) I decided that The Danielle Collins method was the one with the best results. The ONE I trust!

Next to Face Yoga, we also offer a few other services.

Team Face Yoga with Karin

At Face Yoga with Karin, we believe in the holistic approach. You are not only your Body. But also your Mind & Spirit. A tri unit.

Therefore, you need to take care of every part of yourself, so you can stay in your best shape. Outwardly, inwardly and spiritually.

Next to Face Yoga, we specialise in NLP (Life) Coaching & Mindful Meditation. There are also some other holistic additions that can be added.

As previous mentioned, for Face Yoga we follow the Danielle Collins, Face Yoga Expert method.


During the last 20 year I have followed, among other educations, several Life – & NLP Coaching studies. At the moment, to keep updated as possible, I am studying for NLP & Life Coaching Practitioner. The David Key method.

My education as Mindful Meditation Teacher I followed at Centre of Excellence. Where I also have done other, holistic, trainings.

And, Yes! I know my stuff. I love to learn, keep updating my knowledge so I can provide the best service to you!

Facts about me:
  • My generation is named Gen(enration) X
  • But I feel more a Baby Boomer
  • I am a Dutch native living in Bulgaria
  • My daytime job is Process & Quality Analyst. One of the main tasks is coaching
  • I am a learning addict who also loves to read
  • The humour I love the most, is dark humour
  • According to MBTI (Myers-Briggs) I am an INFJ
  • I am looking forward to give you Face Yoga Classes or help you as a Coach or with Mindfulness Meditation

Hopefully we see you soon. You are always welcome!

Team Face Yoga with Karin