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Face Yoga for Everyone!

Want to look younger without plastic surgery? Without expensive face care? Face Yoga is THE tool!

Face Yoga is a form of training your face muscles.
This has a similar effect on your face as it has on your body when you train your body.
Stronger muscles, and due to that the skin looks tighter. Lines can disappear. You feel better and most often you will look younger.

Face Yoga Sessions with Us

We teach accordingly to the Danielle Collins Teacher Education. Danielle is Worlds best known Face Yoga Teacher.
You are welcome to join a Workshop, Individual Teaching or Class Session.

We are looking forward to see you!

You're Never Too Old to Become Younger

You Bring a Clean Face & Hands, I’ll Bring The Insider Knowledge.

The best "Therapy" for your Face to look Younger & Healthier!


How We Will Help You

In addition to Face Yoga Lessons, we also offer Online Life Coaching (when preferred in Real Life), Mindfulness Meditation & several other Holistic Additions.

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Face Yoga Sessions

Join our Newsletter before the end of March 2024, to receive your first Face Yoga Session for FREE.
After that 25% Discount when you stay a member from our Newsletter.

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Face Yoga Sessions
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Mindful Meditation

Guided Mindful Meditation. At the moment only individual classes.
A practice to slow down. Let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.

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Mindful Meditation
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Online (NLP) Coaching

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving their goal(s) and dreams.

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Online (NLP) Coaching

Face Yoga, Interactive Test

This Wheel of Life Test is Especially adapted for Face Yoga.


Praising Words from People I Helped

Over the years I have helped many. Here are some are saying. How I could make a difference for and with them.



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Self-Care isn't an act of egoism but a necessity.
Only when you take good care of yourself you can care good for others!

with Susana Yábar

I have a few favourite online groups & ladies who motivate me to move my body. Susana Yábar, from Funfitt, is one of them.